About Us

Ramerica has been established in 1981 as a result of Koç Holding’s international strategic initiative taken in 1980 to oversee the expansion of the overseas activities.

In 1985 the company designated the range of its activities as follows:

  • Marketing and sale of Turkish textile ( ready-to-wear products) in the U.S. market
  • Exporting raw materials from U.S. to Turkey
  • Trading between U.S. and Europe
  • Establishing a presence in U.S. for the sale of the other Turkish products

Because of the slowdown in imports due to the recession in the U.S. and the decay in Turkish relative competitive power, Ramerica exited from the ready-to wear field in 1992 and continued its trading activities in new business fields. Ramerica, representing approximately 30 companies in machinery, equipment, construction and food-related fields in the United States, has been involved in marketing operations in a wide scope. In the new re-structuring of the Foreign Trade Group, Ramerica is has been operating as the U.S. liaison office of the Koç Group since 1999.

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